Monday, July 14, 2014

Back Home

We arrived back home yesterday. The flight was long and many of us didn't want to leave. My brother David and his friend Zach wore their rival soccer team jerseys, FC Bayern and 1860, in the Munich airport. Herrmann did not want to know the outcome of the world cup game. I sat next to Herrmann on the first flight. I was supposed to sit with David also but he moved up next to Zach so there was an empty seat in our row. I got the window on both the flights from Munich to Reykjavik and from Reykjavik to Colorado. On the second flight I sat with Anna and Nate and at one point Anna and Matt. I read for most of the flight but it seemed to take more than eight hours.I am glad to be home but I will miss being in Germany and my new friends. It was a fun trip and I am glad I went.

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