Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Medievil Festival and a Day in Passau.

Yesterday Kübra's mom took me to a mideval festival. It was very interesting. There were a bunch of people in costumes, and they had food from the time this festival was set in. They had games such as flag painting, archery and Mouse Roulette. For Mouse Roulette two people played at a time. Each have three stones. One person has blue stones while the other has green. There is a model structure of a colosseum from the time period. So the model is circular and has rooms with open doorways surrounding an open area. You each place three stones on top of different rooms. The people running the activity will then place a live mouse in the center of the model's open area. The mouse then has to go in a doorway and into a room. If the mouse enters a doorway with your color of stone on it you win. It was definately interesting to see. There was also a show. The show explained the different outfits for battle for the time period and then they had a competition to see who was the best sword fighter. It was a funny show. After the festival, we went to Passau, Germany, and I got to meet Kuebra's brother, John. He was very nice. We also walked around Passau. Did you know that three rivers meet in Passau? I didn't. I found that out yesterday. Those rivers are the Inn, the Danau or in English it is Known as the Danube, and the Ilz. We had dinner at the Innstadt. It was a nice day.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My first day.

   We had to meet at the airport at 2:20. Herr Herman was late but not the last one there. Efrain ended up arriving at the airport about 40 minutes late. He arrived when we were waiting to check our bags. He got in line with us and got a bunch of dirty looks from the people behind us. Chris took for ever at security and so we had to wait for him. When we were waiting for them to let us board the plane Herman wandered off. Right after he wandered off we started boarding, we thought that he might miss the plane, but he arrived in time. The plane ride was very long. It took 6 and a half hours to Iceland, and 4 hours to Germany. At the Iceland Airport we got off the plane and on the next plane on the tarmac. It was cold, and windy and it was raining. We had to stop on the stairs for the next bus to come and take us to the Iceland airport. The welcome from the German students was nice. They were all happy that we had arrived and once we got off the bus Matt shouted, "I found my German! I've been looking for you for 3 months!" When they were in America Matt kept losing his German student and would yell "I've lost my German!" and when he found his German student he would yell "I found my German!" When the German students left Matt said he lost his German, so that is why he said theat he found his German when we saw them in Germany.  At my German, Kübra's house Kübra, her mother, and I played Uno while her dad watched Italy played Uruguay. It was a nice first day.