Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Salt Mine and A Bobsled Track.

      We went to the Salzbergwerk yesterday. Salzbergwerk is a salt mine close to the border between Germany and Austria. It was pretty cool. The slides were fun. On the second one Matt rode the slide with Efrain. David stuck his arm out to highfive Matt when they got to the bottom but they slammed into his arm.  It was pretty funny. After Salzbergwerk we went to a city near by. There was a beautiful lake and we could see the Alps. David and I walked around the lake and saw this building. It looked like a race track but we were not sure so we had to check. We walked towards it and found it to be a bobsled track. We then walked to the top of the track and to the start. It was pretty awesome to find. The hill was very steep to walk up but at the top we had an amazing view. We walked down the hill and back around the lake. People were feeding the ducks and there were some cute baby ducks in the lake too. In the salt mine there was a salt lake that was so reflective. It was a great trip.

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